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Being a Unicorn

I believe I can, so I will

 A unicorns life approach is based purely on being completely and utterly true to who you are. 

Being a unicorn means falling in love with yourself and promoting self-love, because loving yourself and being confident in who you are is the best way to live. 

  • It means to live your life always looking for the colour and magic, in even the most negative life experiences. 

  • It means following your passions, following your dreams, and following what is in your heart. 

Paving your own path, your own life. 

I'm not saying it's easy, and I am definitely not saying life is sunshine and rainbows all the time.  But it is a bit easier to handle what comes when you believe the rainbow will come after the rain. And that everything needs a little rain now and then to help it grow.

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